Prima Studio

Landing page design for the graphic design and animation studio Prima Studio. Minimalist, conceptual and graphic design where through geometric figures the values ​​of the brand and its dynamism are featured.

Arcade Challenge – Sportodos

Arcadechallenge is a website that works as an expectation campaign for the Sportodos app. The design consists of an arcade, where from games and challenges related to sports, the participants will be able to accumulate points. These, then can be redeem and change them for

Baboon UX/UI Design

Baboon is a children's clothing brand that seeks to give kids the freedom to dress the way they want without the stereotypes of gender binarism. UX and UI design for your e-commerce page

Palmero UX/UI Design

E-commerce UX / UI design for Palmero, mindful eating platform, giving exact ingredients for vegetarian and vegan recipes.


In the plastic surgery's postoperative period its necessary to be receive messages from Physiotherapists, however it is not easy for people who have just undergone surgery to find available professionals. For this reason POCX has been designed. This is an application that facilitates the search and