Coverbook for children book

Cover for book "Ich bin wie ich bin un das ist gut so"(I am who I am and that is a good thing), Mindfulness journal for highly sensitive children.

Captain Mel

Illustrations for a children's book about the adventures of the pirate Mel. Pirate book, adventures, told by a grandfather.

Entre Árboles y Galletas

Entre Árboles y galletas” (Between Trees and Cookies) is an editorial project, which aims to relax gender stereotypes and give freedom to the choice of children to be what they want. Lola, a girl who has just moved, starts to question stereotypes of what a

Malie’s diary

Inspired by the movie Amélie and the way she discovers happiness in little things, I made a picture book titled "Malie's Diary" taking inspiration from the little things that make me happy for a month.

¿pór qué tengo arena ahí?

The picture book ¿por qué tengo arena ahi? ("Why do I have sand there?")  wants to portray the types of tourists who go to the beach: "The shrimp", "The hippie", "The one who buries himself", all of them begin to live in the same landscape. 


Cookbook born from the concept of well-being. This book is inspired by raw food recipes, where the nutrients and biochemical compounds of food are preserved, that is, the properties, especially enzymes and vitamins, are not altered or lost. This is the first approach to the