Entre Árboles y Galletas

Entre Árboles y galletas” (Between Trees and Cookies) is an editorial project, which aims to relax gender stereotypes and give freedom to the choice of children to be what they want. Lola, a girl who has just moved, starts to question stereotypes of what a

Amor Perfecto NY

Community Management for  Amor Perfecto NY, Colombian coffee brand marketed in the United States directly to the consumer

Malie’s diary

Inspired by the movie Amélie and the way she discovers happiness in little things, I made a picture book titled "Malie's Diary" taking inspiration from the little things that make me happy for a month.


Branding and packaging for Sunflow, honey and organic products company

Fuerza Natural

Brand identity for Fuerza Natural: Company that designs deep, dialogical and bodily experiences to develop our agency, awareness and connection capabilities.

Dati Amore

Branding for Dati Amore, brand of gift boxes curated by the client.

Project Save World

Branding and Community Management for Project Save World, a non-profit organization that is in charge of cleaning beaches and oceans in Barcelona.


Branding and corporate material for Klaus Market, electronic invoicing and e-commerce company

Obec – Chiaroscuro Campaign

Community management for the launch of Chiaroscuro collection by Obec Studio, a cardistry brand that combines different arts in its card decks and apparel.