It’s Always Sunny x Baboon

Baboon is a brand of unisex children's clothing. The brand's goal is to relax gender binary stereotypes by giving children the freedom to dress the way they want. "It's Always Sunny" is the brand's summer collection. With it, I want to bring summer, the beach

Tejiendo Cultura

Project designed for the 25th anniversary of the Fabra & Coats factory, Barcelona's cultural center. For this campaign "the monster of creativity" with those attending the event will weave culture through the legacy of the thread that has the history of the factory.

School sucks! video game

School sucks! video game for mobile and tablet. Tiago is a boy who hates school, so he wants to escape as soon as possible. Help him escape without anyone seeing him.

Eat your veggies

Since the beginning of this year we have decided with my boyfriend to eat better. Since I was little I hated vegetables, but I have begun to see how good they are for the body! I have started to eat the ones that I like